Why Corrugated is the Safest and Greenest Way to Package and Advertise Your Product

Posted by Ken Wheeler on Fri, Jul 12, 2013 @ 12:42 PM

More and more companies are gearing towards eco-friendly packaging, and for very good reasons. Also called sustainable packaging or green packaging, this method is geared towards reducing the amount and use of reusable and recyclable packaging materials. 


Successful eco-friendly packaging is tantamount to using lesser resources, lesser road traffic, lesser carbon footprints and lesser wastes in the landfill. Several companies have taken the initiative in making their product more Earth-friendly, and most have found that using corrugated packaging materials as one of the most effective ways to achieve this cause.

While there are several packaging materials to choose from such as glass and plastic, corrugated is proven to be the most versatile, most recyclable and most reusable of them all. This brown boring box that we use to hold our products from shipping to distribution can mean so much to Mother Earth and the future of our children. Aside from that, corrugated materials can also act as silent advertising partner for your company.

Corrugated is Highly Reusable

Primarily used as containment of products, corrugate materials need not end up in the dumpster once the contents are unloaded. Corrugate carry an amazing flexibility, that is, it can be fashioned into something else from just an ordinary brown box. It can be used to store old clothing, toys and book, or as materials for your Do-It-Yourself crafts. The ideas of reusing corrugate are endless and you can explore its potentials to the fullest.

Corrugated Can be Recycled

Corrugated packaging is not only reusable, it can also be collected and processed to come up with new corrugated materials. This means using lesser new resources by taking advantage of the old ones. According to the press release issued by the Corrugated Packaging Alliance, 91 per cent of the used corrugated materials in the U.S. in 2012 were successfully recovered and recycled into new products. Because of this, corrugated was hailed as the “Top Most Recycled Packaging Material” of the year and together with paperboard products, have set the standards in the proper recycling of packaging materials.

Corrugated is Flexible

One if the best features of corrugated is its flexibility. It can be fashioned into anything; to contain products, hold things, and to ship valuables. And with the advancement in printing technology, we can now print colored graphics into the corrugated surface. It means you can now take advantage of a packaging material so versatile and flexible at your fingertips. Furthermore, you can have your brand, tagline, and product logo into the corrugated packaging materials, giving your company long-standing exposure from the manufacturer to the local stores. Imagine a billboard that travels and imagine how many people will be able to see your product from one point to the other.

It is for these reasons and more, that makes corrugated the top and best choice for your packaging material. And now that more people are becoming conscious of their green choices, your product is contributing into the conscious effort buyers make in their goal to contribute to sustainability.

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