The 4-B’s of Innovative Package Design

Posted by Ken Wheeler on Mon, Jul 29, 2013 @ 8:10 PM

Brand owners cannot discount the importance of packaging in the marketplace, especially in the retail landscape. Packaging acts as the product’s container, communicator, advertiser and marketer. Because of the several roles packaging plays, it is important that your package design stands out.

Package design

How it specifically stands out depends on the product and the brand image you want to portray. Either you want to be perceived as a lucrative or an inexpensive brand, what’s important is that you have an innovative packaging design.

The marketplace is a highly competitive ground for companies and brand owners. Consumers make dizzying turns when perusing the aisles of the retail stores. With innovative design, you can capture at least three seconds of their attention and turn it into a minute or two for checking, scrutiny and decision-making. Getting this far may put you ahead of the competition, but real success comes only when the shopper decides to make a purchase.

Innovative package design takes simple philosophies and higher level thinking to make it happen. You can always have a simple and uncomplicated design, but you have to stand out, one way or the other. This is where careful consideration of all angles of the package design comes in: creating a parcel that will stand out amongst the sea of similar products. Here are some ideas that can get your packaging its much needed attention.

    • Be different. It means defying conformity and giving your product its own identity. An oval-shaped oatmeal packaging is different from the regular rectangular boxes we often see. So is a clean minimalist bottled water, or a three-color bar soap. Sometimes, adding or removing some element will already get you to stand out.
    • Be original. Originality allows shoppers to easily recall your brand. An original package allows consumers to always think of your product first. They will always think of buying that “jam with a golden ribbon tied around the lid,” or that “dishwashing sponge packaged like cheesecake.” This association gives you more competitive edge as shoppers are already thinking of your product even before they hit the retail store.
    • Be practical. Your package can’t just be pretty and not be useful. Consumers like products that they can handle with ease, or make their lives easy. You don’t want to be perceived as the brand that “takes forever to take off the cap,” or “require teeth-gritting strength to open the package.”
    • Be visible. The shelves in retail stores are stacked with thousands of products, each packaged in their own unique way. If you just blend in with the others, you become invisible. Innovative package designs have great shelf impact; they have an extraordinary appeal that can rouse a consumer’s attention and gets his curiosity to come closer to your product for a detailed inspection.

Norampac-Lithotech can help you give your brand its own identity through innovative packaging solutions. With a wide array of materials and concepts at your disposal, now it is possible to get ahead of your competition and achieve more visibility with a package design that speaks out what your brand stands for.

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