Successfully Choosing the Right Packaging for Your Product

Posted by Ken Wheeler on Wed, Jul 10, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

The big world of packaging can easily lure you to create fun and imaginative packages to contain your goods. However, beyond the visual values these packages create, the right packaging should also consider sustainability, functionality, brand imaging, demographic appeal and the expenses to produce these packages.

The big world of packaging can easily lure you in

The big world of packaging can easily lure your creative juices

The whole idea of packaging is so huge that you need to understand it thoroughly in order to come up with the best packaging solutions your product could ever have. Now, consider these philosophies if you are starting your packaging or would like to redesign the packaging of your product.

  • Functionality. You can have a plain, boring, nondescript packaging or a fun, creative and wild packaging to hold your products. Either way, your packaging should perform its purpose. And with functionality comes ease of use. Your packaging should make it easy for your customers to hold, squeeze, twist or remove your product with ease. If they find it difficult to even get a drop of ketchup from its bottle, you will certainly lose your customers. That kind of incident can go from bad to worse, affecting your sales and business in general.
  • Sustainability. Going “green” is not an overly-hyped or a passing a trend. It’s a fact that more people are becoming conscious of how their purchases will affect the environment. If you want more sales and contribute to this cause, package your products in such a way that you reduce waste and help people recycle. Paperboards and corrugated boxes are two of the most recycled packaging materials that you can consider.
  • Brand imaging. Your package should communicate what your product is all about and make the customer excited about purchasing it. How you want people to perceive your brand should clearly be implicated into the way you package your product. Furthermore, your packaged products journey from the manufacturer, fulfilment centers to the retail stores. Having your brand visible all through these transportation and handling will also give your brand more exposure.
  • Demographic appeal. Consider the needs and preferences of your target demographics while formulating the right packaging for your product. Is your product for the senior citizen? Then the font should be clear, readable printed in a background that goes well with the font color. Do you want housewives to buy your detergent? Then show in the packaging how they can use your product in a variety of ways while helping them conserve water and electricity. These factors play a large part in increasing your sales and building brand loyalty with your intended audience.
  • Expense of the packaging. Of course, every packaging comes with a price. If you package a small item in a large container, you are making unnecessary expenses for unused space. If you are using extra material for a product that don’t need extra protection, that’s another expense. Anything in excess that your product doesn’t need will cost you more. In order to cut-back on expenses, take advantage of materials and technology that will contain, protect and advertise your product at a lower cost.

In order to achieve all these in your packaging, consult with a packaging solutions company to come up with functional, sustainable and high-quality packages for your product. Norampac-Lithotec is a trusted company with a myriad of packaging solutions to address all your packaging needs. Talk with their packaging expert and see how you can effectively package your products with the services they offer.

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