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Corrugated packaging and the retail ready world.


Retail ready packaging (RRP) helps retailers improve their bottom line by increasing sales, improving brand visibility, and improving efficiency in storage and stocking.

Quality retail ready packaging improves consumer experiences in-store by providing attractive, easy to locate, reliable brand identity and product selection.

A number of big box retailers are requesting retail ready packaging, and brand managers are required to provide this packaging in order for their products to be carried in these stores. Among stores specifying this type of packaging are Costco, Walmart, Kroger and Loblaws but it seems to be a growing future trend.

Why go retail ready?

The reason for this is simple: cost savings and material use reduction are the twin factors driving big box retailers like Walmart to adobt retail-ready packaging throughout their stores. RRP containers are shelf-ready and display-ready. Stockers place RRP packages on store shelves or stack them in displays in one motion, which has been shown to reduce stocking time and labor costs as part of a well-designed retail operations program.

Walmart focuses on sustainability that goes beyond quick cost savings from reduced stocking time. Walmart's senior director of packaging, says that good RRP design eliminates extraneous material. Sustainable RRP design involves selectively thinning package walls, or eliminating entire portions of traditional shipping cases or containers. Sophisticated RRP designs provide structural strength through a variety of corrugated packaging substrates, along with printing surfaces.