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Performance Packaging for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Tests include :

1)    Component Identification
2)    30 Minute Cobb on the D.B.
3)    24 hours Static Load Compression
4)    Drop

Checklist of what has to be submitted to the lab for UN testing:

> Will the packages be shipped by air, by any chance?
> 15 boxes for each combination packaging
> 15 sets of inner packaging (plastic/glass/metal containers ) along with caps
> Type of closure (if it is taped, please send us one roll of tape to be used. If it is
   hot-melt glued, let us know the pattern). If the customer doesn't send us the
   tape then the tape to be used in dangerous goods packaging has to comply
   with our recommendations.
> Packing instructions from the customer (how many strips of tape? how deep
   the tape will go on both sides? Glue/staple pattern? etc. )
> Specification sheets for the boxes/bottles or cans/caps/tape/MSDS for the
> MSDS for all products that will be shipped with the tested packaging.

How to proceed after the packaging passes all UN requirements?

The following documents should be submitted by the Customer (in most cases dangerous goods manufacturer) to Transport Canada for UN Certification:

(1) UN report from Cascades Containerboard Packaging - Lithotech Technical and Development Centre;
(2) supporting documentation ( specification sheets for boxes / bottles(cans) / caps
     /tape(or glue/staple), MSDS for all products );
(3) A letter from the Customer to Transport Canada

We suggest in the letter the customer addresses the following

> Brief description of the company, nature of business, as it relates to
   dangerous goods
> You have to indicate that you have read and understood those
   sections of the TDG regulations that are pertinent to your business
> All your people are trained and hold current training certifications for
   their respective functions in the transport of dangerous goods.
> Your company has a QC system in place which can handle all aspects of
   dangerous goods as related to manufacture, storage, shipment,
   documentation, etc.
> Make sure that your have all documentation on file for immediate
   reference (should this be required by Transport Canada.)

Then Transport Canada will certify the packaging and assign a UN mark
(# issued by transport Canada) to the packaging.

Transport Canada TDGR website: