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How important is packaging innovation
to your brand?

Corrugated packaging innovation

Multi-national brand-owners and retailers know how important product packaging is to their brand. They spend enormous time and effort in designing and producing the right packaging to ensure that their brand has shelf impact! Whether we like it or not, the package is the lure and we judge a product by its package, and in some cases we base our entire purchasing decision on the package itself.

The concept of packaging has evolved considerably as advancements in printing materials and finishing continue to improve. As it has with corrugated packaging. There was a time when corrugated packaging was most often only considered a substrate for protective packaging.

Although corrugated is considered the staple for packaging (and shipping) protection, corrugated has become a recognized and trusted substrate, helping breath new life into some of the world’s most valuable brands.

How important is package design?

As brands clamor for shelf attention, the need for an innovative approach to package design has become an extremely important pre-requisite. Our creative team, become your design and structural engineering partners that respond with solutions that give your product the ‘on-shelf’ prominence it deserves. If you take into consideration that the majority of in-store purchasing decisions are being made in the store, it only heightens the importance of a well-designed product package. How well it works on influencing the consumer depends on a number of criteria. Here are a few that will need to be considered in designing for the retail marketplace.

> What is the most appropriate corrugate to be used?
> How will it be printed?
> What is the required footprint?
> How well will it stand out on the shelf? Or on the floor?
> Does it meet legal requirements?
> Language considerations.
> Shelving constraints.
> How well does it protect the product?

Are you ready for a retail-ready world?

Today’s big box retailers are trending towards shelf-ready packaging, forcing brands to rethink the way they package and display their products on these retail shelves. These new demands however have a positive side, as most brands have found savings in material costs, better transport efficiency, lower per unit costs as well as; less ink, less corrugated is used, handling by in-store personnel is greatly simplified, and on-shelf appearance is much better.