Getting Your Brand Ready for Point-of-Purchase

Posted by Ken Wheeler on Thu, Jul 18, 2013 @ 4:36 PM

In the old days when television, radio and the newspaper were the primary source of advertising, the bigger brands only had access to a large group of people. This exposure has lead them to generate more sales, leaving their competitors with little advertising budget in the dust. However, consumer behaviour has changed with the advent of internet.


Shoppers make their buying decisions 76% of the time when they’re already at the store.

Even the average brand and start up business has some kind of leverage because they get exposure in the internet. In hopes that a consumer remembers their brand when they hit the store, they pay more for advertising. They’ve left behind the fact that most shoppers make their buying decisions once they’re facing the shelves, and a huge factor that influences their decision is the product’s packaging.

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To further elevate the chances of sales, getting your brand in Points of Purchase presents a sound idea. For one, you already have a consumer ready to make a purchase. What POP does is to engage the consumer to make an impulse or immediate buy just before he or she reaches the cashier. It is important to understand the relationship between POP and your product’s packaging to make it work. A research conducted by the Perception Research Services shows that proper product placement, availability of information and package design play vital roles in engaging the shopper to buy your product.

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Shoppers do not give much attention to products placed overhead. Shoppers often look up on banners and signage to guide their way through the store or locate a certain aisle, not look up on products. It is therefore important to place your products where shoppers easily see them: eye level or slightly below. Place them high above or way below and you’ll have shoppers passing by your display even without batting an eyelash.

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While many shoppers appreciate the availability of information regarding the product, they don’t want to get overwhelmed by it. Keeping your information simple, fast and straightforward drives more shopper to your POP, while complicated guides and graphs overwhelm them.

Shelf-ready packaging also appears to effectively work with POP’s. Leveraging the potential of these packages gives your Point of Purchase displays more visibility, making it “shopable,” and effective in delivering your brand message.

Another important factor to consider is that shoppers make their buying decisions 76% of the time when they’re already at the store. This means in-store efforts such as POP displays can give a powerful tug to rouse more consumers and check your products out. If you can take advantage of this and with the right product packaging, which is still your best advertising and marketing space, you will experience a growth in sales and branding.

There are a lot of in-store marketing opportunities companies can explore to further expose their products to shoppers, point of purchase displays and packaging are just two of them. To maximize shopper experience, you must get these in your favour. Work with a packaging solutions provider like Norampac-Lithotech to develop POP displays and innovative packaging designs to catch consumer attention.

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