Gearing Your Brand for Innovative Packaging Design

Posted by Ken Wheeler on Mon, Jul 22, 2013 @ 2:35 PM

More than containment, packaging plays a vital role in marketing your product. With so many brands vying for customer attention, your packaging communicates what kind of experience your product offers once it is purchased. Therefore, your packaging needs to more than contain your product, it should also be innovatively designed to drive the customer to make a purchase.
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With innovative packaging design, shoppers should not be able to help but look at your product and put it in their basket. And if your product is as good as the package, then you can successfully build a solid base of loyal customers.

Innovative packaging design should be carefully considered as you are building your product, not afterwards. For it to be truly effective and cost-efficient, consider the following points below.

  • Authentic design. Nothing beats a product design that’s first and original. Authentic design also helps brand recall among your customers. To boost your sales, you want your customers to think of your brand first all the time.
  • Sustainability of the packaging design. Your package should not just hold your product, it should also be useful. For instance, using corrugated materials for your packaging will not only give you lightweight and inexpensive packages, the container can also be turned into something else when the product is removed. Corrugated also follows the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle concepts, helping consumers do their part in promoting lesser wastes in the landfill.
  • Focus of your design. Applying the preferences to appeal to the target demographic you can also increase your chances for more sales. If you are selling a deodorant for men who are between 18 to 30 years old, utilizing black and geometric shapes will most likely catch their attention. Adults may also get attracted to designs with colourful shapes and playful fonts, but kids may not like designs that are too formal or straightforward.
  • Product safety. Innovative packaging design should not compromise the safety of your product. Design your packages in such a way that they can handle the stresses of the transportation from the manufacturing plant to the customers at home. Food and beverage products in particular must be encased in quality packages so they do not spoil easily. To make a good and lasting impression, always ensure that customers receive your products in mint condition.
  • Labelling. Barcodes, ingredients, nutritional value and expiration date are just some of the important things your consumer must see in your product. Innovative package design should cater to the needs of these important labels, along with the product name, brand, logo and tagline. You can begin with choosing the right material for easy printing of your labels. Corrugated boxes are extremely versatile when it comes to printing. You can even use digital printing on corrugated surface and get smooth and professional finish.

In today’s very competitive world, the importance of innovative packaging design could not be stressed enough. If your products are packaged with the right materials, in the right way and with the right message, your brand has nowhere to go but up.

Flickr Photo Credit: by twocentsworth

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