Digital Printing on Corrugated: A Hole-In-One Marketing Solution

Posted by Ken Wheeler on Wed, Aug 7, 2013 @ 9:43 PM

Corrugated has evolved from a traditional brown box used to transporting goods, into a hole-in-one packaging solution comprising product protection, an advertising platform and a multi-tasking retail merchandiser. While the use of corrugated for packaging has come of age, marketers are also embracing the advantages of digital printing.

Digital printing on corrugated

Digital printing on corrugated is relatively new, offering the most flexible printing method available today. Digital is a perfect solution for shorter run jobs (up to 500 pieces), like limited edition packages and trial package design and short run displays. Marketers are also finding it useful for retail-ready packages and promotional product batches to gauge the consumers’ reaction on your new design.

Here are other reasons why brands should consider digital printing on corrugated packaging:

  • Versatility. Digital printing allows you to tweak, edit, remove, or add elements into the material before it is printed. It gives you the freedom to choose colors, shading, fonts and positioning with just a few clicks on the computer. Compared to other printing methods that require cut-out patterns and die-cast, digital printing only needs a computer and the appropriate printer for a high-quality finished piece.
  • High-quality prints. Quality is always an important factor and digital delivers.  Eye-catching design can be achieved with amazing colour accuracy and impact through the use of digital graphics.
  • Eco-friendly. Corrugated is proven eco-friendly, and so are water-based inks used in digital printing. You can even use these inks in food and beverage containers without harming the products.
  • Time-sensitive. Other printing methods could take several days to many weeks to complete, while digital offers quick turnaround – sometimes in less than 48 hours. Low minimum orders coupled with a quick turnaround accelerates brands to shelf in less time without compromising quality.

Norampac-Lithotech is a packaging company that offers everything in-house, eliminating the need to “third party” any part of your project. As digital printing equipment continues to improve, digital printing on corrugated will continue to become more commonplace.

Has your business leveraged digital printing for your corrugated packaging? What have your experiences been?

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