Corrugated – The Super Hero of Packaging Material

Posted by Ken Wheeler on Tue, Jul 16, 2013 @ 6:41 PM

There are several packaging materials nowadays, but corrugated is truly the one-size-fits-all, super hero. Beyond its dull, brown and nondescript appearance is a packaging material that’s so flexible and versatile you can do almost anything with it.


Corrugated packaging is the most in-demand and ideal packaging material

Corrugated packaging has even gone a long way from being that brown box used to store and ship goods; it is now engineered to contain products as Retail-Ready Packages.

The use of corrugated packaging boxes encompasses a wide spectrum, ranging from small parcels to huge goods that need protection and containment. And because of the following properties, corrugated packaging is the most in-demand and ideal packaging material used for shipment, storage and even advertising.

  • Lightweight but durable. Before corrugated, wooden crates were used to ship goods. But because crates were heavy, they only added to the total weight of the product. With the advent of corrugated packaging, goods were easily shipped with lightweight but durable materials. In fact, routine testing including burst strength, edge crust resistance and penetration energy is conducted to ensure corrugated materials are always of high quality and able to support the weight of its contents.
  • Flexible. Corrugated packages can be fashioned in many countless ways. It is highly customizable, allowing you to shape it in any way to fit your product. Die-cut inserts and divisions inside a corrugated box also allow you to hold beverages and delicate materials without them bumping with each other. It can come with any size or form giving you access to a material that can meet all your packaging challenges.
  • Eco-friendly. Just because corrugated is paper-based doesn’t mean it relies solely on cut trees for resources. In fact most of corrugated materials come from recycled corrugated and paper materials. Single-face corrugated, mailing wraps and kraft papers are all 100% recycled and recyclable; therefore there is no need to exploit new resources. And with environment packaging becoming increasingly important among many people, corrugated is indeed a perfect packaging material for our Mother Earth.
  • Printing-friendly. With the high-technology engineered corrugated substrates nowadays, the surface of corrugated has likewise become printing-friendly. Whether you opt to print with silk screen or flexo, corrugated can carry them nicely. Even the latest printing technology, digital printing, will play nicely on corrugated surface, boasting of full colors and high quality graphics to give your packages a more lucrative and professional look.
  • Proven and tested. Corrugated has been used as a shipping and packaging material for so many years and it has remained as the top choice until this very day. Even the big players like Nike, Tiffany, Apple and Procter and Gamble trust corrugated packaging will keep their products intact and in good condition all throughout the shipment and transit process.

Corrugated has proven time and again that it is the most dependable and reliable packaging solution we have today. Its many qualities earned it the right to be the most sought-after packaging material, and it will continue to do so for many years to come. For on-ground and even online businesses that require shipment and storage, there’s corrugated to the rescue.

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