Corrugated Packaging – The Answer to Every Packaging Needs From the Big Brands to Small Businesses

Posted by Ken Wheeler on Wed, Jul 17, 2013 @ 1:23 PM

Corrugated come from a colourful history of being first used as a liner for hats way back in 1856 in England. However, it was in 1871 when corrugated was first used as a shipping material. Today, every company, big or small, has a need for corrugated materials.

corrugated boxes

Back in the 1800’s corrugated material was used as a liner for hats

Coming from the humble beginning of being a hat liner, corrugated certainly had come a long way, as it has now become a very huge industry, with over a thousand manufacturing establishments and employing over 17,000 people.

There are infinite ways to use corrugated materials and it has become a major player in the packaging, design, sales and marketing components of most companies. The need for corrugated is undeniable, most especially that modern advancements in technology made production of corrugated more cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Now, it only makes sense that corrugated packaging is the top and primary material used by the top brands to small businesses.

Here are some of the top reasons why corrugated appeal so much to business owners and why you should use it for your business too.

  • It can be customized any way you want. Corrugated is a talented brown box that can be used for almost anything. It is impossible to list the full potential of corrugated, but put it this way: it can take any shape, form and size of packaging that you need.
  • It is durable. Corrugated is an engineered material and ongoing research and development continues to develop its the strength and durability. It can be used to hold and ship large items, liquids, fresh produce… you name it, corrugated can handle it.
  • It is graphic-friendly. Companies have long since discovered that printing on corrugated give their brand more exposure. Printing on corrugated include silk screen, flexo and offset lithography. Latest advancements in printing technology now include digital printing on corrugated, rendering you high quality graphics, full colors and faster turn- around time.
  • It is very protective. Corrugated may just be a box, but is a protective box. With the different flutes and liners to choose from, it is easy to come up with the right type of corrugated to cater the needs of your items. Corrugated has also been made to manage vibrations, shocks, accidental drops and other untoward incidents that may occur during the shipment and transportation.
  • Corrugate is inexpensive. Because corrugated is lightweight, you do not have to pay more for shipment. Lightweighing, or choosing to use lightweight materials is a fast and growing trend, allowing you to save more on shipping costs. It is also a cost-effective packaging material because it does not only contain your products; it can also serve as an advertising medium.
  • It is sustainable. Now that “green is in” and will be for a long time, companies have geared their production and marketing endeavours into promoting sustainability. Among all packaging materials, corrugated is the most recycled and most reused, therefore using corrugated help companies and consumers reduce wastes and carbon footprint.

Corrugated packaging is the greenest, most cost-effective and most versatile packaging material today. Using corrugated packaging boxes to ship your products is just one benefit, advertising your brand is another. With corrugated, you’ll never run out of options and the ways to exploit its potential is limitless.

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