Assuming A Leadership Role In Sustainable Use Of Resources

Posted by Ken Wheeler on Tue, Oct 22, 2013 @ 3:04 PM

Cascades (with it’s division Cascades Containerboard Packaging – Lithotech), employ a number of strategies to minimize pollution and promote the sustainable use of resources. Actually, even before the responsible use of energy resources became a public  large-scale concern, Cascades had already set up their Energy Action Group (GIE) in Kinsey Falls.


Today, the mission of the 14-member GIE team of mainly engineers is to reduce energy costs and increase energy efficiency for each Cascades Group plant – including Norampac-Lithotech, in Scarborough, Ontario.

Reducing GHG Emissions

GHGs come from a variety of different sources; natural sources as well as human contribution through activities such as the burning of fossil fuels (coal, petroleum and gas for transportation, industrial activities and electricity production), deforestation and the release of methane. Every energy source has energy value and consequently, causes pollution.

Unfortunately GHGs in North America have increased over the past decade with most of the energy – like electricity – is produced using fossil fuels. The trend among paper companies is to continually reduce the use of fossil fuels by replacing them with renewable energy sources such as biomass. Since 1997 the corporation has intensified its efforts with established measures to reduce its energy consumption, GHG emission and costs.

Cascades and Greenhouse Gases
Machines in production plants are major energy-consuming entities (more than 95% of the total energy), and production plants in general are the main producers of greenhouse gases. Cascades, since 1990, has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 60% in absolute terms, and by 60% in regard to the intensity of its emissions (emissions per metric ton of saleable products).

The Good News
Their commitment to assuming a leadership role of sustainable use of resources has placed Cascades’ performance in respect of energy efficiency as superior to the North American industry average.

Sources: Cascades. Flickr Photo Credit: by Michael Matti

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