3 Reasons why corrugated packaging makes sense

Posted by Ken Wheeler on Thu, Jun 6, 2013 @ 8:40 PM

Corrugated packaging offers an endless array of amazing structures in all shapes, styles and designs to protect every product imaginable in the rigorous and sometimes demanding journey to the consumer.

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CAD technology allows you to mold corrugated into packaging that protects and promotes any product. Add eye-catching graphics to your brilliant package and it becomes a billboard for your brand and your product acting like a silent salesperson on the retail floor or store shelf.

Why corrugated packaging makes so much sense

1) Dominant force in the packaging industry
Corrugated packaging plays a vital role in the distribution systems in the U.S. and Canada. It is sourced by majority of businesses as the most frequently used shipping material because of its cost-effective, lightweight, functional, innovative, versatile and sustainable qualities.

In addition corrugated packaging is one of the least expensive containers ever developed, the overall cost of corrugated shipping containers is usually between one percent and four percent of the value of the goods carried. It contributes to more cost-efficient and fuel-efficient packaging of products from point of origin to point of sale and end use.

2) Growing industry
A $26 billion a year industry, corrugated packaging continues to grow, with no signs of slowing down. Corrugated packaging is used in 90% of all products in North America, either by delivery or for display.

Corrugated cardboard packaging is in high demand in the processed food sector, as well as industries such as household and personal care, electrical goods and chemicals.

There are over 1,250 corrugated manufacturing and design facilities promoting continuous innovation, and providing employment and benefits to more than 77,000 employees in nearly 1,000 cities.

3) Corrugated is a sustainable industry
Corrugated has one of the best recovery and recycling records of any packaging material on the earth. More than 74% of the corrugated manufactured today is recovered for reuse.

And, like our parent company, Norampac-Lithotech is dedicated to supporting environmentally friendly practices throughout its operations. This includes efforts to improve recyclability and minimize waste in its products. Old corrugated containers are bundled and sold back to the manufacturers to make the next generation of corrugated packages. In fact, the average box consists of 46% recycled fiber.

The move to decrease corrugated packaging source reduction is an ongoing effort. Corrugated manufacturers continue to contribute to the reduction by designing more efficient packages, stronger papers and improving converting processes at the design and manufacturing facilities.

Flickr Photo Credit: Achraf AMINE

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